Implementing QoS on Your Network

Solutions for managing every stage of your Cisco QoS implementation

LiveAction QoS implementation stages

LiveAction software provides complete capabilities for managing your QoS implementation through its entire lifecycle.

1. Baselining and Auditing

Before starting any QoS project you’ll need to assess the state of your network and any existing QoS settings. LiveAction gives IT operators the information and understanding to discover and validate existing QoS policies quickly using built-in rules and industry best practices. It also analyzes application traffic and QoS performance both in real-time and with historical data.


  • In-depth network awareness gives IT staff the awareness, know-how, and confidence to make intelligent decisions
  • Reduces the time and cost of understanding network performance and QoS deployments
  • Over 90% reduction in time to find and analyze QoS policies

LiveAction "single-click" QoS audit reportSingle-Click” QoS audit
With just one mouse click, LiveAction will instantly list every QoS policy inside every device you are managing. It also compiles comprehensive reports showing policy performance statistics and historical graphs, policy mappings, and explanations of issues and problems that are affecting your policies.

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2. Monitoring

Monitoring provides a detailed visual reality check of your QoS performance and effectiveness before, during, and after deployment. With LiveAction you can perform in-depth real-time and historical QoS traffic monitoring for baselining or trending. It also provides proactive monitoring and alerting based on key threshold violations that impact QoS.


  • Granular network awareness and alerting for quicker notification of impending network issues
  • Increased network availability and reduced end-user complaints

LiveAction visual awareness and monitoringVisual awareness and monitoring 
The most detailed and visually-intuitive monitoring tool ever developed for Cisco Devices. With LiveAction you can literally see and trace your traffic flows from end-to-end across the network in both real-time and using playback of captured data. Drill down to device level and interface level for even more information on flows, routes, QoS Policies, and IP SLA tests and results.

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3. Troubleshooting

Being able to find and fix problems quickly is essential when running real-time and other mission-critical services on IP-based networks. LiveAction enables faster and more effective troubleshooting by providing system-wide awareness and visibility of QoS policies, traffic flows, routes, and performance issues. It also leverages in-depth, real-time and historical network awareness.


  • Interactive and real-time network awareness allows quicker troubleshooting of issues and validation of changes
  • Over 50% reduction in time to find performance problems and restore or improve service quality
  • 30% reduction in trouble ticket volumes and “break-fix” churn to allow more efficient IT operation and better end-user productivity

LiveAction troubleshooting device with congestionInstant, visual troubleshooting
No other management tool provides a faster and more visual approach to troubleshooting congestion on your network. LiveAction highlights congested devices (large circle) and interfaces (smaller inside circles) with an amber color so you can pinpoint problems instantly. Click the interfaces for more information and use LiveAction’s configuration tools to fix problems on the spot.

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4. Provisioning

With LiveAction software you can create, edit, and deploy QoS policies based on Cisco best practices using graphical templates and a policy editor. LiveAction also provides immediate feedback to validate your QoS changes using highly granular, real-time traffic visualizations and statistics. 


  • Accelerates IT enhancements and maintains the required level of service needed to meet corporate business priorities
  • 90% reduction in time to understand and edit complex QoS policies
  • 50% reduction in time to locate performance problems

LiveAction provisioningGraphical, interactive QoS policy editing
LiveAction is the only network management tool that provides a fully graphical interface for creating and editing Cisco QoS policies. The software’s built-in wizards and templates ensure speed, accuracy, and compliance with Cisco’s best practices.

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5. Maintenance and Tuning

Perform ongoing maintenance and tuning of your QoS policies to maintain network performance and reliability. LiveAction software simplifies maintenance and tuning by providing proactive system-wide awareness and visibility of QoS policies and performance issues. The easy-to-use graphical QoS policy editor enables fine-tuning of existing policies and highly granular queuing statistics let you know exactly how they are performing.


  • Easy to adjust QoS policies to accommodate new applications and traffic types
  • Accelerates IT enhancements and maintains the required level of service needed to meet corporate business priorities
  • 50% reduction in time to locate performance problems

LiveAction maintenance and troubleshootingMaintain optimal QoS settings
Changes in network traffic may occur due to the introduction of new users, new applications, or even changes in company policies and direction. With LiveAction you can track these factors and adjust your policies to reshape network traffic, and then fine tune and validate your policies and bandwidth allocations accordingly.

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