Cisco Medianet

Access and visualize Cisco Medianet capabilities using LiveAction

Medianet is a Cisco term used to describe an infrastructure that is enhanced to support the delivery of rich media applications like voice and video.

LiveAction Mediatrace Screen

Medianet Mediatrace used to troubleshoot media-based flows on a hop by hop basis.

LiveAction Medianet Benefits

  • Mediatrace—troubleshoot media-based flows by gathering specific information related to performance from various hops that the particular flow takes
  • Medianet IP SLA VO (Video Operation)—Cisco's synthetic traffic generation and analysis for Cisco Telepesence, IPTV, and IP video surveillance traffic types
  • Understand the impact video traffic has on your infrastructure and any QoS policies that are in place
  • Medianet Performance Monitor—specialized version of NetFlow, primarily used to gather performance metrics for RTP and TCP traffic.

LiveAction Mediatrace Screen

LiveAction displays Medianet data in a tabular view, providing statistics for each hop.

LiveAction Medianet Features

  • Select flows to troubleshoot and automatially invoke commands to display results for easy analysis
  • Visually follow Mediatrace streams across the network
  • See tabular data, providing statistics for each hop
  • Graphically manage IP SLA VO by configuring the tests and displaying results
  • Monitor and troubleshoot performance of specific types of critical voice, video, and data traffic
  • View performance monitoring, DSCP RTP SRC,  and jitter information