Solutions for Cisco Technologies

The intelligent GUI for Cisco technologies

The Intelligent Infrastructure GUI for your Cisco Next-Generation Network

  • All-in-one software to easily control and understand Cisco networks
  • Visualize end-to-end flows, policies, routes and QoS traffic performance
  • Visually and easily implement QoS and routing
  • Instantly see impacts and validate changes

LiveAction helps network engineers unleash the power of next-generation Cisco architectures and technologies with an intelligent infrastructure graphical user interface (GUI). LiveAction all-in-one QoS software makes it easy to visualize, understand, and control Cisco networks and devices without the command line interface. The following are some of the Cisco functions and technologies supported by LiveAction.

Cisco Technologies

Key Cisco functions and technologies supported by LiveAction include:

  • Application Visibility and Control
  • Medianet
  • MQC
  • NetFlow
  • IP SLA
  • NBAR
  • ACL
  • Routing and PBR
  • CBQoS
  • Queing FnF
  • Media monitoring
  • Traffic shaping

The intelligent GUI for Cisco technologies

Borderless Networks

Cisco Borderless Networks Architecture allows organizations to connect seamlessly to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device with security and reliability. Borderless Networks support mobility, energy management, security, application performance, and multimedia optimization.

LiveAction software supports the understanding, monitoring, and QoS management of Borderless Networks by providing rich visualizations and easy-to-use configuration tools in an all-in-one QoS platform.

Cisco ISR devices
Cisco integrated services routers deliver the promise of Borderless Networks and cloud services to the WAN and remote branch offices. LiveAction software automatically locates ISR devices on the network and parses their running configurations to create a live and fully interactive model of the network. Using this model, LiveAction removes the complexity of managing the sophisticated quality-of-service features in these devices by providing rich network visualizations and an intuitive graphical interface for configuring and deploying QoS policies.

In addition to providing a comprehensive QoS platform, LiveAction provides an additional layer of security by collecting, filtering, and presenting detailed forensic data you can use to identify and analyze problematic traffic flows, applications, and users.  With single-click ACL creation and graphical on-the-fly QoS management, the software provide unmatched ability to update your policies to block offenders and protect your network.

Cloud Services
Borderless Networks extend to cloud services resulting in additional considerations and requirements for QoS and the overall user experience. LiveAction provides graphical monitoring and analysis tools that make it easy to monitor and verify the effectiveness of your QoS through the cloud to ensure the best possible WAN performance.

The intelligent GUI for Cisco technologies


Collaboration Architecture powers compelling interactive experiences for users within and among organizations to enhance business processes and efficiency. It enables delivery of any content type - video, voice, and data along with a consistent user experience on any device for highly immersive interaction.

LiveAction sofware supports the following collaboration components

Voice and Unified Communications
Unified Communications, or UC, enables effective collaboration, particularly with voice, messaging, presence, and mobility in fluid working and travel environments by letting users decide how, when, and where they can be reached. LiveAction supports monitoring and analysis of UC activity by providing rich topological images of flows and routes across the network and providing information on the performance and makeup of the various traffic and applications in use.

Video and Medianet
According to Cisco's Visual Networking Index study, global IP traffic will reach 44 exabytes per month by 2012 and 90% of that traffic will be video. This includes streaming content and well as collaborative video communications including desktop video and Telepresence. To support this, Cisco launched Medianet as an end-to-end architecture for a network comprising advanced intelligent technologies and devices in a platform optimized for the delivery of rich-media experiences. LiveAction software provides rich NetFlow visualizations for Medianet performance monitoring as well as tools for IP SLA VO (video operations) so you can generate synthetic video test traffic to stress a network path and validate if the network is ready for video and rich-media applications.

Cisco Telepresence delivers high-quality, lifelike video conferencing using an infrastructure that is easy to scale and manage. Telepresence requires very effective quality-of-service policies to ensure effective and seamless collaboration among the participants. LiveAction software is a  complete software platform dedicated to the management of Cisco QoS. With LiveAction you can visually monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your QoS configuration. With a multi-award winning graphical interface, LiveAction is also the only product available that makes it easy to create, edit, deploy, and verify QoS policies. LiveAction follows Cisco's best practices and recommended methodology for implementing QoS.

The intelligent GUI for Cisco technologies

Data Center

Virtual Desktop Integration
Virtual desktop integration significantly changes the makeup of the network and IT infrastructure. Having visibility into the added network load, particularly across the WAN requires a new type of visibility into the network. LiveAction's real-time topology views show end-to-end flows across the network so you can locate network bottlenecks at a glance and isolate the probable causes of diminished user experience.

Disaster recovery
A key consideration of any network disaster recovery plan is how efficiently lost data or connections can be restored across the enterprise. This includes QoS policies designed for normal operations that may not be able to cope with a large influx of backup data or a sudden shift of traffic over a thinner pipe. LiveAction provides the unique ability to load custom QoS policies and prioritizations on demand to accommodate atypical traffic mixes on a temporary basis until normal operations can be restored.