LiveAction QoS Monitor

LiveAction and QoS Monitoring

See how LiveAction tracks QoS performance in real-time or for historical time periods.

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Effortless Quality of Service Monitoring for Complex Networks

LiveAction QoS Monitoring provides the ability to track QoS performance on a per-class basis in real-time or for historical time periods. Engineers can gain a deep understanding of traffic and QoS behavior using LiveAction’s application (NBAR), class or queuing views.  Monitoring and alerting of priority queue drops provides proactive notification of potential voice quality issues.

The Benefits of LiveAction QoS Monitor

The interface panel displays both the Input (ingress) and Output (egress) traffic for individual interfaces showing traffic before and after QoS is applied.

  • Ease of use: LiveAction's intuitive graphical interface replaces command line outputs with real-time graphs and an easy-to-understand policy viewer.
  • QoS Performance: LiveAction QoS Monitor provides a detailed understanding of QoS performance for individual interfaces, applications, and classes by displaying Before-QoS and After-QoS graphics for input and output directions.
  • QoS Congestion Indicators: Live Action QoS displays congestion and bandwidth usage from a live system level topology and allows users to drill down to view individual device and interface performance and policies.
  • Proactive monitoring: Detect and alert on critical policy drops for voice, video, or critical applications before problems are reported by end users.
  • Instant validation: Real-time QoS reporting at both topology view and device view at intervals as short as 10 seconds enables quick validation of policy changes.
  • Single-click QoS audit and performance reports: LiveAction generates a highly accurate and intelligently organized report in seconds with just a single click of your mouse. This report will show you everything you need to know about your QoS policies in great detail including configuration settings, performance issues, drops, and policy errors.

LiveAction QoS topology.

LiveAction Monitor Features

  • QoS Dashboard
  • Pre- and post-QoS graphs
  • Hardware QoS stats and information
  • Rate-based NBAR graphs
  • Peak and average rate statistics
  • Class and interface drop graphs
  • Congestion indicators
  • Built in CBQoS MIB viewer
  • Detailed graphical policy viewer (displays settings for classification, marking, queueing, policing, shaping, compression and WRED)
  • Custom NBAR definitions
  • Hierarchical policy graphs
  • NBAR unknown port debugging
  • GRE tunnel visualization
  • Automatic QoS graph resync on policy changes
  • Layer 2 QoS monitoring support for Cisco Catalyst® 6500, 7600, 3000 and 4000 Series