LiveAction QoS Configure

LiveAction and QoS Configuration

See LiveAction create, edit, and apply QoS policies for Cisco switches and routers.

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Effortless Quality of Service Configuration for Live Networks

LiveAction QoS Configure enables IT engineers  to create, edit, and apply QoS policies for Cisco routers and Layer 3 switches on live networks with consistency and confidence. Use the QoS wizard and built-in templates to apply policies based on Cisco best practices or use the QoS GUI editor to create and edit your own policies from scratch.

As new voice, video and critical applications are added to the network and the need to add features such as application visibility and Medianet arises, the ability to configure highly complex QoS policies across multiple devices to support these applications can become daunting.  LiveAction eliminates the need to resort to the CLI to complete a new QoS or services deployment.  With LiveAction, IT engineers can create new QoS policies, validate any changes made, and deploy new technologies, all within a single LiveAction session.

LiveAction QoS Configure Benefits

Adjust output policy and set guaranteed bandwidth allocations for specific classes on each interface.

  • Ease of use: LiveAction’s intuitive graphical interface replaces command lines with an easy-to-understand policy viewer and editor.
  • Built-In QoS expertise: Deep QoS expertise is built-into LiveAction based on extensive research of the features, functions, and even idiosyncrasies of Cisco devices. 
  • Best-practice QoS templates: Over 25 policy and class templates allow rapid implementation of QoS settings based on Cisco best practices. Users can modify templates or create their own.
  • Configuration Change Audit Trail: Tracks who makes what device configuration changes and when
  • Saved Policies: Router QoS configurations can be saved for future use, as backups, or for automatically scheduled configuration changes for one or more devices. Applied policies are intelligently correlated with existing settings.
  • QoS audit and performance reports: Single-click push button policy and performance audit report analyzes QoS configurations for errors and performance issues and details the information in intelligently organized and easy to navigate report.
  • Additional ROI: LiveAction uses the QoS features built into Cisco devices, eliminating the need to invest in more hardware or specialized appliances.
  • Reduces errors: LiveAction reduces configuration errors with easy to apply, rules-based QoS policies and templates

Create and edit QoS policies and use LiveAction's extensive policy templates or create your own policies from scratch.

LiveAction QoS Configure Features

  • Full MQC QoS configuration support including WRED, CBWFQ, Priority Queuing
  • NBAR2 configuration on ISR G2
  • Custom NBAR and NBAR2 based matches including high level attributes, HTTP URL, MIME, HOST and RTP protocols
  • Read existing QoS policies inside routers
  • Take snapshots of current configuration for future use
  • Apply or remove QoS configurations quickly and easily across multiple interfaces
  • Copy QoS policies across multiple devices
  • Hierarchical policy creation for advanced configurations
  • Built-in ACL editor
  • CLI command preview before applying policy
  • Rollback to previous policies at anytime
  • Built-in rules for QoS settings that highlight violations
  • Configuration change audit trail