ActionPacked! Networks at Cisco Live! 2013—Orlando, FL

LiveAction is a smart tool that understands your evolving application-aware network performance challenges and resolves your enterprise WAN QoS service delivery issues, simply and expeditiously. We will be featuring a sneak preview of next generation LiveAction 3.0.
During the show, you can:
  • Schedule a meeting with our QoS management experts to learn how LiveAction can enable users to achieve optimal application performance and rapid troubleshooting, remediation, and validation of their QoS issues across converging WANs
  • Join us to learn more about LiveAction’s focus on QoS and application performance management
  • Test Drive LiveAction 3.0 yourself during your own self-paced hands-on demo where you can see how easily QoS policies can be used to monitor and control critical application performance in your enterprise WAN and LAN
  • Participate in games to win free prizes like a free 3-device LiveAction for Life, or a bright and shiny new Cisco 2960-X Catalyst Series Switch

ActionPacked! Networks can help you meet your productivity goals and make better use of resources in times of tight budgets and high application-aware network performance management expectations. We look forward to seeing you to demonstrate how LiveAction can accelerate service deployments and troubleshooting of QoS, LAN switching, Medianet, AVC, PfR and other Cisco advanced technologies.

Be a visionary and discover a tool that helps you quickly visualize and confidently manage your intricate, complex network system through a simple, fast, and highly intelligent graphical interface. Using LiveAction 3.0, be your team’s go-to-person for solving network issues in your WAN, SaaS and cloud applications, MPLS or DMVPN links, converged wired and wireless connections, video, VoIP, and BYOD devices.

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