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19 August 2013 - Kathleen Nguyen
15 August 2013 - Kathleen Nguyen
As we read in Zeus Kerravala's NoJitter article, the Unified Communications environment has evolved due to the explosion of IT innovation.  With this growing centralization around media-rich network traffic like voice and video, comes the pressure for network administrators to ensure that such traffic is performing up to expectation.  LiveAction helps network administrators to identify analyze, troubleshoot and mitigate underlying performance issues for voice and video before they become major network catastrophes. Read more to learn how LiveAction helps to optimize enterprise voice and video.
13 August 2013 - Kathleen Nguyen
To keep up with this constantly evolving era of IT, network administrators need to change the way that the manage their networks.  Relying on the command line to do QoS configurations often requires special training, is slow, and is prone to human error.  It is a stressful task, especially when you cannot see or verify changes that you are making to your network.  With this menthod, you're never really sure of how the changes you are implementing is effecting your network.  With LiveAction's rich graphical templtes, point-and-click configurations, and real-time changes, you can control application and network performance characteristics quickly and accurately.  Read on to find out more about LiveAction as a solution for QoS configuration.
12 August 2013 - Kathleen Nguyen

Now more than ever, network administrators need an organized way to understand bandwidth usage across many WAN links and remote sites and to reduce bandwidth cost while optimizing performance. With LiveAction, you can understand which applications and users consume the most bandwidth and manage bandwidth accordingly.  Read on to find out more about LiveAction as a solution for WAN bandwidth management. 

6 August 2013 - Ray Hadulco

Meeting the demands of high customer expectations along with simplifying the increasing complexity of the UC environment are raising the profile of application-aware network performance management as a critical component of an IT strategy.

5 August 2013 - Krislyn Yano

We are proud to announce the release of the latest and most powerful version of LiveAction!  LiveAction 3.0 provides improved scalability, system and site dashboards, and workflows to quickly resolve performance issues in WAN, SaaS and cloud applications, MPLS or DMVPN links, converged wire/wireless connections, video, VoIP, and BYOD devices.  Here are some of the newest features in LiveAction 3.0:

22 July 2013 - John Smith

It's common that network admins want to know which countries their network traffic is communicating with.  This is especially useful information for cyber security purposes but is also good to know in general.  Fortunately, using the Cisco NetFlow capabilities, it’s relatively easy to map to a geo location, especially with a tool like LiveAction.

19 July 2013 - John Smith

In part 1 of this blog, we went over what IP SLA can do in terms of monitoring the performance of the WAN and specific application types such as voice, video, HTTP and other services.  Once you have IP SLA setup, it will provide you with information on WAN performance and degradation as it occurs.  In addition to monitoring, you can actually manage and solve performance issues by following the steps below:

17 July 2013 - John Smith

Cisco IP SLA is a great way to get started in performance monitoring of your WAN for application performance issues.  

3 July 2013 - Ray Hadulco

Chalk-up another great and successful Cisco Live! event, this time in the land of Disney, Orlando Florida. Now, we're looking forward to our journey next year to The City by The Bay -- San Francisco!


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